ShoesOff is the first and only National Dancehall Competition by CSEN

4 competitions to give you the right opportunities, 3 incredible workshops with Jamaican Dancers. Are you ready for the challenge?



Show your dance style. We'll see you in Rome on April 4 on the beautiful stage of the Damnedhouse theatre

crew competition


Your driving force: your crew, your dance, your WILL.

duo competition


Bring your SOULS and overcome the hump: dance your routine, but with a friend. Because... Together is always better

do mi best

Do Mi Best

There is no other time, this is the RIGHT one: come on the stage and show your style. Think, make and show us your personal art. You, and your choreography, are the only leads

battle dancehall

Battle Royale 1vs1

You can are in the audience, or you can fight to WIN. No rules, only your dance, 1vs1 all styles. Become the legend now.

legals crew dancehall

Jamaican Dancers

The most incredible Jamaican Dancers will be the judges and teachers of the most important Italian Dancehall Competition

boysie roses
Judge & Teacher
Born in Kingston, he start with a Dancehall party. At the beginning he learned all of Bogle steps, slangs and expressions. In 2004, Bogle invited Boysie to tour with him all around Jamaica and the USA as dancers with the hottest artistes at the time; Voicemail, Bounty Killa, and Elephant Man. He spent some time outside of Jamaica, where he would be far away from the violence. He returned to Jamaica about a year later and very slowly immersed himself back into the dancehall.
damiong bg dancerz
Judge & Teacher
Damion is a young but incredible Dancehall dancer and teacher. And he is one of the leader of BG Dancerz, an important crew in Jamaica consisted of seven members. Considered as a new generation dancer, his style is fresh and his workshops are filled with laughter and joy. He contributed to create some of the most popular dance steps such as Greeting, Dutty Step, Dead Dem Dead and Gun Crazy. Famous for his positive attitude. Whenever he is dancing or teaching he has a big smile on his face.
sri lanka
Judge & Teacher
Sri Lanka
Founder and CEO of Rifical Team Dancers. Creator of many Dancehall Steps including Srilanka, Crab Dem Up, So Rifical, Luv Yuself. Nominated in DanceJa Awards as Male Dancer (2011) and Dancehall Teacher (2012). In Jamaica SriLanka is highly respected and recognized as an Outstanding Dancehall Dancer. He is considered by many as one of the most popular, reliable, energetic and unique Street Dancers that has stepped out of his comfort zone and elevated to great undertakings.


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Date & Location

ShoesOff will take place at Damnedhouse, via degli ortaggi 35, Rome (close to Tiburtina Station)


april 4 2020 - Damnedhouse

Time What
6.30pm Registration
7.00pm Do Mi Best Individual Show
7.30pm Duo Competition
8.30pm Crew Competition
10.00pm Battle Royale 1vs1
10.00pm Dancehall Party
2.00am Good night!

april 5 2020 - Damnedhouse

Time What
11.00am Registration
11.30am Boysie Roses
1.00pm Launch Break
2.00pm SriLanka Rifical
3.30pm Damion BG Dancerz


Updated on Jan 30 2020